The Worx 6-Week Challenge

Should You Join the 6 Week Challenge?

This program was created with the intent to help you champion a lifestyle of fitness and health with the help of a team.  If you commit to WorXing out and following a solid meal plan, together we can change!!!  From being a part of so many transformations, here are the key things I believe you need to consider in joining.

1. Are you balls to the wall ready to go? 

Drive is a key factor.  Purpose drives focus and clarity.  So…. is it time?  How bad do you want the feeling of tighter muscles and looser clothes?  Do you have aspirations to challenge yourself and see how far you can go?  Or is there an upcoming event to put a fire under your tail?  Are you tired of living a life of pain? I started because at 30, I was getting arthritis and I didn’t want to be limited! Flo started because she was tired of living a life with type II diabetes, now she can proudly say she is diabetes free!  What’s your reason?

2. Are you open to change?    

In the 42 Days, growth happens if you let it.  This includes growth of your confidence, accountability, awareness, and community.  These are all byproducts of your commitment to change!  TeamWorX lays out a clear meal plan to follow. Committing to get to the WorX at least three times a week, also means finding a way for your schedule to work.  We had one person take a bus from work and catch a ride back home with fellow WorXcampers, in order to complete her journey.  What kind of commitment are you willing to make?

3. Is this a good six weeks to focus on YOU?   

Let’s be real, it starts Jan 2th and will mid Feb.  No time is better than NOW!!  There will always be a holiday, an event, a happy hour… you just have to the mindset that no matter what this matters more.   Give yourself the gift of health this new year.

4.  Will you do what it takes?

Dreams are hard work, but I can’t tell you enough that YOU are worth it.  You may have to make hard choices for you.  We had a couple of folks joke that happy hour was their WorX hour.  We also had folks overcome their fears to get where they need to be.  One person swore up and down she wasn’t a cook and to this day I see her posting pictures of healthy dishes she is cooking.

5. Do you have enough faith? 

I don’t know about you, but TeamWorX has mountains of faith!   The secret to getting what you want is doing the small things right over a period of time.  Having what I call FAITH-IN-ACTION helps a lot.  This means believing that doing the action will get you to your goal.  You must know that many people have gone before you in previous journeys and still continue a healthy lifestyle.  It is also very important to have trust in your strength and in the team.  I can’t promise that at the end of 42 days, you will have the body of your dreams, but I can promise that you will be closer than you are now!